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BenefitsDirect is a revolutionary employee benefits service for employers, and human resource managers, to manage their company's core group benefit programs with access to the most qualified advisory, information, resources, tools, and direct market access that not only facilitates group programs on a net of commission basis, but also provides access to preferred provider arrangements, affinity plans, and access to buying groups. In short, it is everything that a company needs to enable optimal benefit plan management in an 'on-demand' basis, at the lowest net cost for programs, all in one comprehensive direct to market source.


BenefitsDirect is predicated upon a set fundamental values that focus on our members, our associates, and our community: From concept through reality BenefitsDirect has been built on providing members with nothing short of a completely innovative benefits management experience. Ultimately BenefitsDirect needs to ensure that the employees covered under employer plans of our members are healthy, productive, and engaged, while at the same time our members can effectively manage their bottom-line benefits costs on a fiscally sustainable basis into the future. To enable this optimal scenario, our values remain unwavering specifically relating to: Experience: All members need access to tools, resources, and advisory that come from sources with a high caliber of employee benefits industry accreditation, experience, credibility, and industry involvement. Given the alarming changes to healthcare many strata that co-mingle with benefit plan operations, members need to be 'in the know', or know where they can locate resources and tools, on-demand, to provide the guidance required.

What We Do

BD is revolutionary in its value – both immediate and building – that we extend to our members through our unique approach to benefits management. We are 'unlocking' the high, embedded costs that are added into every Canadian benefit plan.

We accomplish this by not only removing every aspect of direct commission, but also through extending the scale uncommonly found through our exclusive Buying Groups and Preferred Provider Networks. In short we cut out 100% of commission for our members, and dramatically reduce provider charges embedded in benefit products. Understanding that benefits programs are sophisticated and technical arrangements that require expert handling, we also recognize that not every organization requires the same level of assistance, nor should they pay the top level accordingly. BD has innovated a comprehensive web-based offering of services with varying levels of membership support, net of commission.

Jacob S. E.

(Jake) Clark, B.A., RHU, REBC, CEBS, ISCEBS Fellow

Jake is the founder, President, and Lead Consultant of FIRM Consulting Inc & BenefitsDirect. Jake’s focus is working with mid to large sector employers with the design, implementation, and ongoing management of core group benefits and group retirement arrangements, compensation arrangements, and strategic human resources planning.

Since 1994 Jake has worked closely with over one hundred corporations in an advisory capacity. He has worked with both private and publicly owned companies, along with not-for-profit and government related sectors. He works on an ongoing basis with employers in union and non-union settings. Jake’s past dealings have been broad amongst a wide range of industry from manufacturing and technology through professional and other service related industries. . As a result Jake has in depth experience and working knowledge of how many organizations operate providing the ability to delineate how to recognize what drives organizational success and what undermines organizational efforts.

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What Our Clients Think

I'll be honest. I was very skeptical when I first started talking with BenefitsDirect since we were already sourcing our benefit plan through an employer's cooperative. But switching to BenefitsDirect has allowed us to reduce our plan costs without paring down coverage to employees and without changing carriers! It doesn't get better than that.
The support we've received from Jake, Brent, and the entire BenefitsDirect team has been exceptional. The transition from our old broker took place in early Q4, and I'm happy to say we've already seen the value in making the switch. Our Benefits Audit proved to be an eye-opener in our small business setting. The most impressive fact has been the level of professionalism and expertise shown by the staff, especially in dealing with an entrepreneurial organization like ours as we do our best to attract and retain great employees. You're in great hands and I wish you all the best in your easy transition
- Jeannie McQuaid, CHRP
- Garni Kassabian, Human Resources Generalist

Key Features of


1Group benefits net of commission
2Access to preferred buying groups
3Exclusive access to Preferred Provider Networks
4Access to an arsenal of professional grade resources
5BenefitsDirect provides experienced and qualified benefit experts

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