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What's Included?

BenefitsDirect provides all members with enhanced service support with plan administration, claims resolution, and ongoing service issues that may unfold at any time.

Membership Packages:

Agent (Bronze) Brokerage (Silver) Consultant (Gold)
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  • Removal of commission on plans
  • Full access to the BenefitsDirect resource centre
  • Up to 4 Net-of-commission quotations from various Canadians benefit providers
  • A formal RFP annually at the member’s request
  • Exclusive access to BD’s Buying Groups/Preferred Provider Networks
  • Quarterly Usage Reports
  • Plan administration support
  • Claim resolution support
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  • With BD as your ‘broker’ (with a Silver membership), we ensure that the pricing from your benefits plan provider is in line with what industry benchmarks indicate to make sure you get the best value for your organization
  • Funding negotiation with the benefits provider at renewal
  • Comprehensive review of your benefits plan’s financial accounting program relative to plan operations
  • Recommendations on how to best structure the plan to optimize the offering while minimizing funding requirements
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  • The overall success of the plan is impacted by the overall design of the program. External factors can load “waste” onto the benefit offering via costs that are in excess of what they should be, or avoidable altogether. The Consultant membership addresses this by providing off site:
  • Comprehensive plan design audit
  • Plan management recommendations (all aspects of the plan)
  • Ad-hoc accredited benefit consulting support
  • Application of BenefitsDirect's proprietary 5 step 'Benefits Director' process
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